Dog Friendly
At CC Sant Boi & Xperience we are dog friendly in all our common areas.
Within each establishment, the business reserves the right to admit dogs or not. To know if an establishment is dog friendly, in the window of each establishment there will be a sticker indicating that dogs are allowed inside.

Dogs are allowed as long as they are pets.
Under no circumstances will animals such as reptiles, arachnids, birds, among other species, be allowed access.
The dog must maintain appropriate behavior. Avoid, as much as possible, coming with your dog if he is not properly educated, frequently barks at strangers or habitually relieves himself where he does not belong.
The dog must always be on a leash.
If your dog ends up relieving himself, you should clean up his excrement immediately.
Avoid using escalators with her. Instead, you can use the elevators (in this case if there is another person inside, before getting on you should ask if they have any problem sharing the trip with your dog, or wait to travel alone with your dog), except in the case of guide or assistance dogs.
As established by the legislation, another rule to keep in mind is that if your pet is a dog classified as potentially dangerous (PPP), they must be, in addition to being on a leash, with a muzzle and comply with everything indicated in current regulations.

Regarding visitors who enter with potentially dangerous breeds of dogs (PPP), the provisions of the laws, decrees and regulations at the national and local level must be observed (Article 16):
1. Potentially dangerous animals are considered to be pet animals belonging to the native fauna that, regardless of their condition, nature, species or breed to which they belong, can cause death or cause injury to people or other animals, or produce damage of a certain entity to things...
2. In any case, potentially dangerous dogs will be understood as those in which any of the following conditions occur:
2.a. Dogs that, due to their racial characteristics, could be suitable for training for guarding and defense, the breeds that could be determined in the state regulations on potentially dangerous animals that must be complied with.
2.b. Dogs that were trained for guarding and defense.
2 C. Dogs that had an episode of aggression against people or attacks of a certain nature on animals or things, or those that manifest a markedly aggressive character.
If your pet is considered a dangerous breed or animal, it must enter the center with a muzzle on.


  •  Macson
  •  Flex
  •  Pressto
  •  Juguettos
  •  Orange
  •  Calzedonia
  •  Vodafone
  •  Misako
  •  Bob Hair Salón
  •  Fast AirBrush
  •  Time Road
  •  Oro Vivo
  •  El Rincón de Gloria
  •  MrPeople
  •  Otero Sport
  •  Game
  •  Yoigo
  •  La Casa de las Carcasas
  •  Skyline Café & Bar
  •  Pepco
  •  Kiabi
  •  Yves Rocher
  •  New Blanco
  •  Shyrus home
  •  Yoigo
  •  Jijonenca
  •  Rte. Diamond
  •  Gifi
  •  Le maison du monde


  •  Alcampo
  •  Máckery
  •  Centros Único
  •  Sushi Yaya
  •  Mister Minit
  •  Nice Nails
  •  Café & Tapas
  •  La Tagliatela
  •  KFC
  •  Muerde la Pasta
  •  Taco Bell
  •  DreamFit

In order for customers to visit and return, we constantly seek to surprise them and provide them with emotions.


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